Monday, November 27, 2006


A good man is hard to find when you've got something stuck in your eye. try loving a DUCK!


Excepter - Op Pop
David Lynch - Eye Of The Duck
Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now
Skream (Feat. Warrior Queen) - Check-it
Spank Rock - Touch Me
Let's Paint, Excercise, & Make Drinks - Part 1
Man Like Me - Oh My Gosh
Andy Kaufman - Any Woman Who Can Beat Me?
Art Pedro - Gone (Straight Back Down)
Pink Flamingos - Film Extract
Human League - Being Boiled
Crane - Oh Dancer
Deerhoof - Believe E.S.P.
Fluorescent Grey - I Am A Photograph Of My Old Driveway, The Edges Of The Photograph Are Made Of Cartoon Cow's Teeth, As The Cow's Mouth Closes I Explode Into A Firework Cloud Of Red And Green Dog Biscuits
Lottery Live - Welcome Back
Derek Acorah - I Got A Dagger In My Side
The Who - Love Reign O'er Me
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?
Howard The Duck - Film Extract
Hot Chip - Sexual Healing / I Became A Volunteer
Let's Paint, Excercise, & Make Drinks - Part 2
Pop Levi - Blue Honey
Daffy Duck - Put Out Those Lights!!
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Sine
The Walker Brothers - Stay With Me Baby
The Boggs - Arm In Arm
Brakes - Hold Me In The River
Duck Soup - Film Extract
Hunting Lodge - Warning To Byrds
John Barry - The Man Of My Dreams
Irving Taylor - Liquor Is Our Business
Syl Johnson - I Hate I Walked Away
Let's Paint, Excercise, & Make Drinks - Part 3 (The Banana Didn't Do Anything! We Don't Have All The Answers. Go To Commercial)


Komo said...

Just saw the OLO spot Kilduff did for you guys. Brilliant. i wrote him a text message and accused him in the nicest manner of being a futilist. i mean come on, are we supposed to seriously consider the words of a man painting, running in a suit and making hash browns -- "We live in a multi-faceted... multi-faceted kinda operation here in this lifestyle that we live in today and I'm just trying to show it to you. How we can still persevere with all the factors of these things coming down. It's okay!"??? I always thought he was just poking fun at the meanningless of some aspects of life through the medium of public access television.

he responded to the effect that he truly *is* trying to awaken the creative juices in all of us. so let's get those endorphins flowing. Your radio is the best radio, and now Let's Paint TV endorses it. congrats.

Boonbeans said...

thanks komo! we should be receiving his mix very soon..cant wait!

Komo said...

How do I store massive mp3s on a web server without paying for it? And once I have them on a server, how do i turn them into podcasts for my friends? i've been at it for days now, and nothing seems to be working. helllllpppp

delifinger said...

We do pay for our server Im afraid, dont know of a way of doing it for free. We use a company called streamline which is very cheap though. As for setting up the podcast, somebody did it for us so we arent too sure about that, there should be help online if you searh for it though. Cheers Komo