Friday, January 11, 2008


Dear Radio Fans,

Oh my!! We are soo sorry we were off air for soo long. This will not happen again! To be honest there is no real reason for the absence other than..we got fat and lazy. So unfortunately this meant there was no Christmas or Best of the Year podcast.

However, while we were away Boonbeans did compile a few 'best of 2007' lists (for his own enjoyment), these can be viewed here.. SONGS / ALBUMS / VIDEOS / GIGS

We are all very excited about stepping back into the old OLO Radio studio again and creating lots of new mixes for you. We also have a whole load of special guest mixes for you coming up very soon.

Stayed tuned to OLO!


OLO Radio Team

1 comment:

Mike said...

Have I thanked you for this comprehensive list yet? How do I donate money so I ensure this quality continues next year? You have influenced me and many of my friends in the sexiest of ways.