Sunday, November 02, 2008


Sandmen want me dead! No one believes my age! Aliens (like podcasts) can live forever if they keep spitting fresh venom. Will there BABB31?? Tune in next time to see the results from Carousel.


Extra T's - ET Boogie
Logan's Run - Hello, Welcome (Film Extract) / Real Life Heartbeats
White Williams - In The Club
Gang Gang Dance - Princes (Feat. Tinchy Stryder)
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music (Part 1)
Neon Neon - Trick For Treat / Michael Douglas
Joker - Play Doe
Out For Justice - Fight In A Butchers (Film Extract)
Zomby - Aquafresh
Flight Of The Navigator - Where Did They Come From? (Film Extract)
Flying Lotus / Lil' Wayne - Robo Tussin (A Milli)
Ponytail - Beg Waves
Mars & DNA - Higher And Higher / Homeward Bound
Todd Rundgren - International Feel
Den Haan - Metamorphosis
Flight Of The Navigator - Theme (Film Extract)
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting To Fly
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Aliens Land (Film Extract)


Anonymous said...

Is there a download button for this one? :)

Heinz Junkins said...

yes there is now.
u must have visited the site JUST inbetween the poster going up and the link. hope u enjoy.

who is this comment from by the way?

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy it and keep coming back to download more stuff. Very nice mixes :) this comment is from 'anonymous'. but I could lead you to my flickr stream....

Heinz Junkins said...

hey, like your photo collection there!! its given me ideas for things..cheers!

i'm working on two new podcasts now.. 'doctor soup' and 'jaws 5' and we have a new guest podcast coming later today!


Anonymous said...

cool! Will come back later. Like the blend of all the genres incl. hihop, and keep on finding new stuff to get hooked on.

Mike said...

Hi BB...What is the strange ultrasound noise playing behind Logan's Run? I can't wait for best of 2008. You are the best. Run, Runner!!!!!!

Heinz Junkins said...

hey mike, cheers!
its real life heartbeats i found on youtube.
i'll be doing my best of 2008 soon..hopefully before xmas day, definatly b4 2009.
merry xmas!
james (bb)