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Our next guest mix comes from DJ SARAH WILSON!

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"I was Deborah Jayne Sarah Wilson's second husband. She received the entirety of my record collection in our divorce settlement, on the condition that I am allowed to publish any mixtapes that she constructs from it.

What you are about to hear is a C90 cassette containing 144 snippets of music, film and TV soundtracks, and assorted other miscellanea. It would appear that the Attention Deficit Disorder that characterises Sarah's marital history is also evident in her disc jockeying. The A side is dedicated to the children that Sarah and I were, unfortunately, unable to conceive; the B side is dedicated to her fifth husband, who I'm reasonably sure is called Arthur. Or it might be Bruce.

Sarah very rarely makes public appearances: based on the second side of this mixtape, she's probably spending the majority of her time in the bedroom these days. I, however, occasionally perform live under the name Twocsinak."
- Joseph Howard Grounds

'The Insatiable Desire (or: If It Weren't For Infertility She'd Definitely Be A Mum By Now)' is the name of this EXCLUSIVE mix given to OLO Radio. Enjoy!

Both parts of the mix were painstakingly edited to make them exactly 45 minutes long therefore we have omitted the usual OLO Radio jingle at the start (because it would make them longer than 45 minutes, and spoil all of Sarah's hard work).

You can download DJ Sarah Wilson's special artwork and print it out to make a cassette tape cover for the mixes. CLICK HERE for the outer sleeve and CLICK HERE for the inner sleeve.

'Side A (For Children)'



A01. Families Around The World: "Saying Hello (Burundi)"
A02. "Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day" (introduction; narrated by Sterling Holloway)
A03. Paddy Roberts: "The Big Dee Jay"
A04. "Sky News" (report about Mark Scott's "Sarah's World", 2006)
A05. "Dennis The Menace" (aka "Dennis"; Nick Castle, 1993)
A06. Belle & Sebastian: "On The Radio"
A07. ae: "Tape Cuts / Hello"
A08. Ivor Cutler Trio: "Good Morning! How Are You? Shut Up!"
A09. Spike Jones & His City Slickers: "William Tell Overture"
A10. Secret Mommy: "Daycare"
A11. "Gerald McBoing-Boing" (written by Dr Seuss; narrated by the Great Gildersleeve)
A12. Doormouse: "Lulu"
A13. DJ Scotch Egg: "Scotch Sundance 2"
A14. DJ Scotch Egg: "Scotch Sundance 3"
A15. They Might Be Giants: "Alphabet Of Nations"
A16. Daniel Johnston: "Unpack Your Adjectives"
A17. Tangerine Awkestra: "The Aliens Get Nuclear Bugs In Them And Pop"
A18. Nobukazu Takemura: "Story Of The Star"
A19. Bumps: "Baby Johann"
A20. Tipsy vs Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson: "Popcorn"
A21. Cornelius ft The Powerpuff Girls: "The Fight"
A22. The Pointer Sisters: "Pinball Number Count"
A23. The Kids: "Sesame Street Theme"
A24. Big Bird: "ABC-DEF-GHI"
A25. Ladysmith Black Mambazzo & Kermit The Frog: "African Alphabet"
A26. Captain Vegetable: "Captain Vegetable"
A27. Elmo ft Snuffy & Big Bird: "Elmo's Song"
A28. Bert & Ernie: "But I Like You"
A29. Piero Umiliani: "Mah Na Mah Na"
A30. Stevie Wonder: "1-2-3 Sesame Street"
A31. Four Tet ft Princess Watermelon: "Go Go Ninja Dinosaur"
A32. Rob Ellis: "Four Pictures With Debussy, No. 2: Tom & Jerry & Claude"
A33. Maja Ratkje: "Chipmunk Party"
A34. The Hibiscus Geronimo III Players: "Boiled Grease Feast"
A35. MC Paul Barman: "Burping & Farting"
A36. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players: "Eggs"
A37. Brandon Green (The Small Choir Of St Brandon's School): "Killing Me Softly"
A38. Kid Koala: "Tricks 'n' Treats"
A39. Mike Oldfield: "Blue Peter"
A40. The Simpsons: "Do The Bartman (A Cappella)"
A41. Sun O.K. Papi KO: "Intro Otcho"
A42. Pam Ayres: "Oh, I Wish I'd Looked After My Teeth"
A43. The Books: "Deafkids"
A44. Alan Sparhawk: "Be Nice To People With Lice"
A45. Jab Mica Och El: "Step On No Pets"
A46. "Joe And The Bike" (written by Roderick Hunt)
A47. Hot Chip vs Kraftwerk: "Aerodynamik (Intelligent Design Mix)"
A48. Benni Lees & Soulyard: "Pigeon Street"
A49. Li De La Russe (aka Delia Derbyshire): "Fresh Aire"
A50. DJ Yoda: "The Zipper Scratch"
A51. Superdense Child: "H Is For... (Chip Shop)"
A52. The Waikikis, Prince Paul & Wordsworth ft SpongeBob & Patrick: "Prince Paul's Bubble Party"
A53. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf: "Red Light Green Light"
A54. Biz Markie: "The Energy Blues"
A55. Daphne & Celeste: "Roll Call"
A56. Spike Jones & His City Slickers: "Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel"
A57. Plus-Tech Squeezebox: "Channel No. 17"
A58. People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz: "Ghosts Before Breakfast"
A59. The Evolution Control Committee: "Toot"
A60. Spike Jones & His City Slickers: "The Jones Laughing Record"
A61. Schoolhouse Rock!: "Interjections!"


'Side B (For Adults)'



B01. VHS loading noise
B02. Tipsy vs Pulp: "This Is Hardcore (Swedish Erotica Remix)"
B03. Andrew Morrison: "John Peel Ident 11"
B04. "MaƮtresse" (Barbet Schroeder, 1976)
B05. Stock, Hausen & Walkman vs Pulp: "This Is Hardcore (Remix)"
B06. Coldcut: "I'm Wild About That Thing (The Lost Sex Tapes: Position I)"
B07. Dirty Fan Male: "Suck You Out"
B08. Ergo Phizmiz & His Orchestra vs Destiny's Child: "Survivor"
B09. Arab Strap: "Packs Of Three"
B10. Cassetteboy: "A Duck Is One Mean Machine"
B11. "Excel Saga" episode 26: "Going Too Far" (Shinichi Watanabe, 1999; English dub by Matt Greenfield)
B12. White Noise: "My Game of Loving"
B13. Cassetteboy: "Brian Cardboard And His Swaying Stance"
B14. Cassetteboy: "Dude Where's My Car"
B15. Princess Superstar: "Sex (I Like)"
B16. Cassetteboy: "Gluey Stepmum"
B17. Cassetteboy: "Got Myself A ______ Tied Up In The Basement"
B18. Princess Superstar ft Baron Ricks: "Come Up to My Room"
B19. MC Paul Barman ft Princess Superstar: "MTV Get Off The Air, Part 2"
B20. Andre 3000 (of Outkast): "Spread"
B21. Mochipet ft Jahcoozi: "Girls And Boys And Toys"
B22. The Evolution Control Committee: "Rocked By Rape"
B23. The Cramps: "The Crusher"
B24. Peter Wyngarde: "Rape"
B25. Jim O'Rourke: "Halfway To A Threeway"
B26. Dirty Fan Male: "My Special Message: Penis"
B27. James Brown: "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine"
B28. Cylob: "Sex Machine"
B29. (Tim) Exile: "Rage Is The Beautiful Light That Struck Her"
B30. 2 Live Crew: "If You Believe In Having Sex"
B31. Infinite Livez: "White Wee Wee"
B32. Matmos: "Semen Song For James Bidgood"
B33. "Fetishes" (Nick Broomfield, 1996)
B34. The Soft Pink Truth vs Otto von Schirach: "Whip Me Down (Baitbus Remix)"
B35. Turn On: "Gimmickry Hoax Sensation"
B36. Igneous Fox: "We're Speechless Right Now"
B37. Max Tundra: "Which Song"
B38. Kevin Blechdom: "Binaca"
B39. Kevin Blechdom: "Mister Miguel"
B40. Kevin Blechdom: "Boob-A-Q"
B41. Kevin Blechdom: "Torture Chamber"
B42. Kevin Blechdom: "Love You From The Heart"
B43. Kevin Blechdom: "Tell Me Where It Hurts"
B44. Squarepusher: "My Red Hot Car"
B45. Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger): "Nude Models"
B46. Throbbing Gristle: "Persuasion"
B47. Kate Bush: "Feel It"
B48. Amon Tobin vs Chris Morris: "Bad Sex"
B49. Dirty Fan Male: "I Am A Pervert"
B50. Frank Zappa: "Porn Wars"
B51. Otto von Schirach: "S.T.D. Me"
B52. Frank Zappa: "Bobby Brown Goes Down"
B53. Vague Terrain Recordings: "Fist Power"
B54. Vague Terrain Recordings: "In The Master Bedroom"
B55. Vague Terrain Recordings: "Son, That's A Battle You're Going To Lose"
B56. Vague Terrain Recordings: "Total Muscle Control"
B57. (MF) DOOM: "Batty Boyz"
B58. Cassetteboy: "Herron?"
B59. Cassetteboy: "Dwhooo!"
B60. Ludacris: "T-Baggin' (Skit)"
B61. Skepta ft JME & Jammer: "Disguise"
B62. Cassetteboy: "Gluey Stepmum" (again)
B63. Flying Lotus: "GNG BNG"
B64. Mike Patton: "Red Mouth, Black Orgasm"
B65. Aphex Twin: "Milkman"
B66. Detroit Grand Pubahs: "Sandwiches"
B67. Lady Sovereign: "Food Play"
B68. Cooly G: "Love Dub Refix"
B69. "Final Flesh" (Vernon Chatman, 2009)
B70. Bobby Conn: "Whores"
B71. Amanda Blank: "Might Like You Better"
B72. Nymphomatriarch (Hecate & Venetian Snares): "Pervs"
B73. Ol' Dirty Bastard: "I Want Pussy"
B74. Ebola: "Necrophiliac Dance Party"
B75. De La Soul: "Talkin' Bout Hey Love"
B76. "The Naughty Twins" (Victoria Coren & Charlie Skelton, 2002)
B77. Kid Cudi ft Kanye West & Common: "Make Her Say"
B78. PFFR: "Total Dicks"
B79. Slick Rick: "Treat Her Like A Prostitute"
B80. Hudson Mohawke ft Nadsroic: "Allhot"
B81. "Newswipe" (Al Campbell, 2010; guest appearance by Doug Stanhope)
B82. Prince: "Orgasm"
B83. VHS ejecting noise

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