Friday, August 20, 2010


Yes sadly after 5 great years of broadcasting (live and in podcast form) we have decided to call it a day here at OLO Radio. We'll write more next week about why we decided to stop. We'll also be posting up some stats, facts and figures for the eggheads amongst you. You can still listen to and download ALL the podcasts right here right now (*UPDATE* SORRY WE HAD TO REMOVE THEM). The blog won't be deleted. We've collected up ALL 134 of the podcasts so they are safe. Hopefully we'll work out a good way to get them all to you.

We'll get back to you next week,

The OLO Radio Team

>UPDATE - 24th AUGUST 2010<

Hello again,

This is just a bit of a round-up and a final goodbye from the OLO Radio team.

Maybe we should tell you why we decided to stop podcasting mixes. During the end of last year and the beginning of this year we really fell behind with making new mixes and updating the itunes podcast feed. The number of mixes we put out was really poor compared to the number in past years. I think most of the team lost interest in doing the mixes and had less time to make them due to a number of things. So we decided to stop. There's no point just doing just a few a year. Stop it! kill it! do something new! (more on that in a bit).

We've left you with 134 OLO Radio mixes to listen to / download whenever you ever want to. *UPDATE* SORRY WE HAD TO REMOVE THEM ALL.

As we said in the message above, when we manage to upload them all (it's gonna take a while!) we'll post links up here on this blog for you to download the whole lot.

We've really enjoyed running OLO Radio! In all the different forms its taken - the weekly live online radio streams, the pre-mixed podcasts, the live DJing (in the real world), and even within our OLO Worms live sets. It's been a lot of fun! We've really enjoyed having the special guest mixes made for OLO Radio too. So thanks to all the guests who made mixes for us and a BIG thank you to anyone who tuned into our radio signal. Cheers! x

Here are some final lists, facts and figures..

OLO Radio
Sept 2005 - June 2010

Total podcasts = 134
Guest podcasts = 57
OLO podcasts = 77
Boonbeans 1>40
Delifinger 1>19
Lionheart 1>7
Seaweed 1>3
OLO Team 1>8

Total downloads = 21,174
(via iTunes and RSS feed, not including downloads from the blog)

We don't have records of all the live shows so we won't be posting the odd few. Just imagine how bad they were.

You can check out ALL the podcast posters and tracklists on this blog. Have a root around. Use the search bar/tags on the right hand side if you want to look for a certain artist or podcast maker.

Below are lists of ALL the OLO and Guest podcasts. Click to enlarge..

The most downloaded podcasts were..
OLO > BB36 'Purple Heart' = 332
Guest > G49 - Zun Zun Egui = 279

The 1st song ever played on OLO Radio = LCD Soundsystem 'Losing My Edge'
(live show - 15th Sept 2005)

The last song played by an OLO member = Frank Sinatra 'My Way'
(BB40 - 18th Feb 2010)

Boonbeans has done a special blog about his favourite OLO Radio mixes. You can read this by visiting his blog HERE.

Boonbeans has started a new audio/visual mix 'thing'. It's called 'Hooops'. Check out the Hooops blog for everything!

So that's that!!

OLO Radio
2005 - 2010


Hector said...

This is a sad day :(

Basshausen said...

Bad times!

The Jimtendo mix rules and rocks in both equal measure!

Thanks fellas!