Friday, July 11, 2008


Our next guest mix comes from THE COLOR OF THE SUN!

"If we’re at a party there’s normally two places you’ll find us, the kitchen or sifting through the CDs and Records near the stereo. So I thought it would be sweet to make the mix we gave to OLO as live as we could. I set up mics all over the living room so we could pick up everything, the cars, Mirte walking through, beers getting cracked open etc. For me the constant background noise added honesty and tension like in Taxi Driver or something. Phil came round my house in the afternoon and we just played for 4 hours or something like that. It was a totally laid back expeirience compared to Djing out in a bar or venue. No matter who you think you are you’re still self conscious when playing in public. P and me have hung out for like nearly 7 years so this session was just ace and natural to us.
Hope y’all dig it."
- Aron (The Color Of The Sun)

'Because' is the name of this EXCLUSIVE mix given to OLO Radio. Enjoy!


The Beach Boys – This Whole World
Jean Claude Vannier – Je M’appelle Geraldine
Lync – Two Feet In Front
Tom Waits – Russian Dance
The Kinks – Who Will Be The Next In Line
Crystal Castles - Crimewave
Baris Manço - Lambaya Puf De
Can – Come Sta, La Luna
Gene Krupa vs. Buddy Rich (Drum Battle)
Ennio Morricone – Magic & Ecstacy (From 'The Exorcist II')
Modest Mouse - Broke
David Bowie – Be My Wife
Messiaen – Section From Turangalîla Symphony
France Gall – Frankenstein
Pavement – Grave Architecture
Syd Barrett – Dominoes
Grizzly Bear - Colorado
The Incredible String Band – Koeaddi There
Guided By Voices – Gold Heart Mountain Top
Guided By Voices – Hot Freaks
Allessandro Alessandroni – Spiagge Azzurre
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Hurricane
Pointer Sisters (With Gaylord Birch!)
Moogy Windmills Of Your Mind (Sounds Ace!!)
Thomas Bloch - Formule
Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux Et Daniel Beretta - La Drogue
The Cure - Push
Toni Iordache - Ca La Breaza
Visitors – Visitors
Vadim – Ghetto Rebels
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Satchindananda
Robert Wyatt – Maryan
Beck – Steve Threw UP
Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses
The Strokes – Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men
My Bloody Valentine – Lose My Breath
The Brazilian Bitles – O Homem So (Nowhere Man)
El Guincho - Kalise
Ùc Hürel – Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle
Warrior Queen – Things Change
Manu Dibango – African Pop Session
Palace Brothers – Drinking Woman
Deerhoof – Apple Bomb
!!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story)
Blondie – Call Me

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